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Inkjet Printing Ink
Wide Format Sublimation Ink

dye sublimation ink (also known as thermal transfer ink) is made of low-energy, easily sublimating disperse dyes. We made them into digital printing ink, printing them on the transfer paper, with heating machine, we can transfer the image to fine porcelain , metal, silk, chemical fiber fabrics and other materials in the shortest time. It's very suitable for personality development demand of the market and the needs of environmental friendly.

dye sublimation ink is mostly made of woven dye stuffs. Because of saturated color and good weather resistance of disperse dyes, it's been widely used in the textile printing and dyeing. So far, it's main raw material in the printing and dyeing industry. For traditional textile printing and dyeing industry, it leads to a serious environmental pollution problem in the process of scattered pigment dyeing, and not suitable for small batch production.

Application: Advertisement flag-banner printing.


Main Features
1) Using Germany raw material; our sublimation ink never jam the nozzles. There is a slight function to clear printer head
2) 100% compatible with large format inkjet printer. Quality is gentle in prosperity, flamboyant in color, perfect satiation
3) Highly compatible, can be comprehensively used for common printing paper, inkjet printing paper, photo paper and plastic sheet, for a great variety of printing materials
4) With good value, not harmful to the nozzle
5) Strong infiltration capacity, no pore lines, no diffuse, no fade when it is wet on the printed graphics context
6) Excellent fastness rate, printed graphics context will be kept timelessly
7) Safe and non-poisonous, harmless to human
8) 100g, 200g, 500g,1kg, 5kg, 20kg packages available

colorful transferred image, rich layers, comparable with the printing effect.

By sublimate dye sublimation ink with high temperature, let it penetrate into the media surface. After condensation, it form an image. Therefore, it does not form a film on the media, and the image does not fall off, not crack, and the light resistance is very strong. It's wouldn't fade in a long time.

With sublimation ink, printing picture on sublimation paper, through the heating, you can transfer the image to fine porcelain, metal, silk, chemical fiber fabrics and other materials in the shortest time.

High photo quality, vivid color, clear image, and permanently preservation, very suitable for personalized development needs of the market, such as studio, souvenirs of scenic spot, handicrafts, clothing printing, dyeing factory proofing, large-scale digital inkjet printing system, color thermal transfer banner, advertising flag and so on.



Large format sublimation ink printing examples:

ModelColorFor use with
RZ881BK、C、M、Y、LC、LMUsed for China-made and Japan-made DX5 printers
RZ1700LBK、LLBK、BK、C、M、Y、LC、LMLarge   Format Universal Ink, Used for China-made and Japan-mad DX5/DX6/DX7 printers
RZ1900BK、C、M、Y、LC、LMThin   paper and fast dry universal Ink, Used for China-made and Japan-mad   DX5/DX6/DX7 printers
RZ2000BK、C、M、Y、LC、LMIndustrial   Print head ink( Seiko, Ricoh, Kyocera, Starfire, Konica and other industrial   print heads)
RZ1510BK、C、M、Y、LC、LMUsed   for Japan-made DX5 printers MIMAKI:JV2/JV22/JV3/JV4;
    ROLAND:RS640/FJ740;MUTOH:900C/1604; used for China-made printers
RZ1513BK、C、M、Y、LC、LM5113   heads
Used   for China-made and Japan-made DX6 printers, Epson
    77/79/97 series printers, Epson SC-S70680/50680/30680,
    F5080/F7080/F7180 and etc; used for DX5 printers   
RZ3602BK、C、M、Y、LC、LMHigh   Lever universal Ink, used for Japan-made DX5/DX6/DX7 printers
RZ8BKBKDarkest Black Ink, generally used for Japan-made and   China-made DX5/DX6/DX7 printers

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