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Laminating Film
Hot Laminating film

Laminating film is a kind of sheet material which is made up of the high-quality transparent PET material; Spread the adhesive EVA in its single side by special processed. This film is widely applied to ID cards, driving license, business cards, photo protection, luggage tags, etc. It has many advantages, such as waterproof, protect alter, protect destructive insect, bear rotten, clear and transparency, well-pressed, beautiful and so on.

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100mic hot laminating film_s.jpg

1.Waterproof, obliteration proof, moth proof, molding proof corrosion resistant, 
2.Easy to washing, clear and transparency, well-pressed  
3.Lowest melt & strong adhesiveness, highest transparency, excellent flatness


Item   no.Namefoshan eva film hot laminating film 100mic A4
1Surface finishglossy/matte
2Thickness60mic, 75mic, 80mic, 100mic, 125mic, 175mic, 150mic, 200mic, 250mic
3compatibilityall lamination machine
4Size for sheetA2/A3/A4/A5/A6/A7/3R/4R/5R/customized
5Size for rollmax. width 1.6m, customized as per your need.
7Packing: Inside: Neutral plastic bag with/without gift box
Outside: carton packing, with plastic rope
8Lead time:Within 7-15 working days after advanced payment received
10OEM Solution Do any special size of lamination pouch film, help you design your package for   your own brand

Normal and Standard thickness composition for Each Market: (we also have different   thickness composition according customer)

glossy   pouch38/22 38/37 50/3050/5075/50100/50100/75150/50150/100
matt pouch38/22 38/37 50/3050/5075/50100/50100/75150/50150/100
glossy   roll38/22 38/37 50/3050/5075/50100/50100/75150/50150/100
matt roll38/22 38/37 50/3050/5075/50100/50100/75150/50150/100
Adhesive   film38/22 38/37 50/3050/5075/50100/50100/75150/50150/100
filex film38/22 38/37 50/3050/5075/50100/50100/75150/50150/100

normal size for European market (thickness:60-250mic)
IBM   Card59   x 83 mmCredit   Card54   x 86 mm
Business   Card60   x 90 mmMilitary65   x 95 mm
Key   Card64   x 99 mmBadge67   x 99 mm
Luggage65   x108 mmA780   x 111 mm
A6111   x 154 mmA5154   x 216 mm
A4216   x 303 mmA3303   x 426 mm
A2426   x 600 mm

normal size for Japan market (thickness:100,150,250mic)
A3307   x 430 mm / 303 x 426 mmB4267   x 374 mm / 263 x 370 mm
A4220   x 307 mm / 216 x 303 mmB5192   x 267 mm / 188 x 263 mm
A5158   x 220 mm / 154 x 216 mmB6138   x 192 mm / 134 x 188 mm
post card109   x 154 mm / 111 x 154 mmphoto95   x 262 mm
photo   service size95x   135 mmprice   card68   x 99 mm / 70 x 100 mm
pass card65   x 95 mmname   card60   x 95 mm
regular   card60   x 90 mmid card57   x 82 mm / 55 x 85 mm


This product is used for ID cards, driving licenses, licenses, passes, representation cards, service cards, pictures, photos, business licenses, file materials, computer figures, business cards, etc.

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125mic hot laminating film_s.jpg

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